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Restructuring Restructur.

HighMont Advisors Brand Reflects Growing Expansion

Dear Friends of Restructur Advisors –

Welcome to 2022 – we hope you had a relaxing and safe holiday, and that 2022 brings great things for you and your families. We wanted to start the year by thanking our many supporters over 2021 and sharing some exciting developments that we will roll out over the course of the next few months.

From our humble start in 2020 as the world locked down for the pandemic, 2021 was a year of transition and growth for Restructur Advisors. We continued to build on the experience brought by our founders – restructuring and turnaround services, with a strong focus on the cannabis sector. We worked on two significant restructuring/turnaround mandates in the Canadian cannabis sector and took on a restructuring mandate in the logistics sector, where the high degree of regulation and complexity plays to our team’s natural strengths.

Last year we brought on three experienced executives as Senior Advisors with deep industry knowledge across a variety of sectors. We draw on this team for subject matter expertise, but also for their relationships, thought leadership and governance knowledge. From time to time, they also dive in with us on project work within their wheelhouse of expertise. This resource allows us to bring decades of specialized experience to our clients.

One of the most rewarding elements of 2021 was an expansion of our business services into other types of advisory services. Many clients, in transition for reasons other than financial distress, came to us at an inflection point in their businesses in need of strategy, corporate governance, capital structure and/or growth financing advice. This led us to the realization that our skillset as turnaround professionals is also valuable in situations where companies are experiencing high-growth or are otherwise transitioning and require guidance in developing clear strategy, expertise around financing structures, a focus on governance, and most of all, dedicated execution. We are pleased to announce we have signed a number of clients across several industries to whom we are providing good advice and assistance to manage their growth or otherwise transition.

With this expanded focus, we are excited to announce our own restructuring! Restuctur Advisors will soon be part of our new corporate advisory business, HighMont Advisors Inc. which will be officially launched later this quarter. HighMont will continue the great restructuring and turnaround work through Restructur Advisors but will also include the expanding growth strategy and financing advisory work we are doing for clients.

From an industry coverage perspective, we also growing to include more dedicated pharma-biotech expertise to support life sciences clients and a growing focus on sustainable finance (and all things ESG generally) across all industries. With this will come the announcement of additional Senior Advisors over the course of the year – please stay tuned for exciting news!

On behalf of the entire team at Restructur Advisors, thank you for your support in 2021! We look forward to sharing our new branding with you soon, and reconnecting personally in the near future.

Blair, Karim, Lee and Rob

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