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So what's a Restructur Advisor?

Sure we're advisors but frankly we like to get our hands a lot more dirty than a consultant sitting in a "do-what-I-say-because-I-don't-do" ivory tower.

We're doers. Sure we think a lot about what needs doing, we analyze a lot of data before we recommend, and we strategize with our clients as team before we act... but in the end, we love just getting it done.

Why? Because we're not lifetime consultants; we're former executives from real, operating companies that made things, moved things, and served people who did those things.

Here's a snapshot of what we mean.

Oh yeah and while we move very comfortably around the boardrooms of Bay Street we're proudly based in Western Canada bringing all the sophisticated solutions from Chicago, London, Tokyo, New York, Singapore and Toronto to Western Canadian companies with half the ego and twice the fun at what we expect will be a fraction of the cost.

We work hand-in-hand with all the big accounting firms, the major law firms, and all shapes and sizes of debt or equity capital. They're the counters, the lawyers, and the rainmakers. We're the hands-on, help-you-turn-the-operation-around team.

Whether your company is in need of a little tune-up or an entire rebuild, whether your restructuring requires new capital, M&A, or your balance sheet just needs a good spring cleaning, we'll bring all our firepower to your aid with a healthy dose of turnaround expertise and industry experience.

So we could bore you with talk of waterfall analysis, 13-week cash flows, balance sheet restructurings, debt-to-asset ratios, creditor protection, plans of arrangement, and court-appointed trustees but we'd rather just ... you know.... help.

To learn more about what we do at Restructur Advisors, check out our latest deck here.

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